We consistently analyze the results of the Elevator Inspections to ensure quality and efficiency. During our analysis, we’ve identified several Common Elevator Safety Code Violations that could of easily been addressed prior to the Inspection and ultimately resulted in a PASSED Inspection. We’ve listed a few below….

Machine Room
Access – The Inspector must have Access to the Machine Room at the time of the Inspection
Machine Room Door – Must be self-closing and lock
Door Signage – Must have signage indicating “Machine Room Danger Authorized Personnel Only”
Fire Extinguisher – Must be fully charged, not expired. An ABC Type Fire Extinguisher must be present in all Machine Rooms
Lighting – Must be adequately lit
Housekeeping – Must be free of all Debris and/or Non Elevator related items. Plumbing, conduit or wiring that is directly related to the Elevator Equipment is not allowed.
HVAC – Must be adequately ventilated
Weather Protection – Must be properly sealed to protect against leaks

Elevator Cab
Flooring – Must not be damaged or above the car sill
Telephone – Must be in working order, party answering phone must be able to identify the exact location of the call.
Handrail(s) – Must be secure
Certificate – Must be current and in correct Elevator
Braille – Each Elevator is required to have Code Compliant Braille Identification Plates
Lighting – All lighting must be enclosed and operational
Ventilation – Must be operational and unobstructed

Elevator Pit
Water/Fluid – Must be free of any water or fluid
Lighting – Must be operational
Sump Pumps – Must be operational, functioning properly and have a cover in place

Elevator Lobby
Braille – Opening at each floor must have Braille Floor Identification Plates
Flooring – Must be flush with the Elevator Door Sill
Lighting – Adequate and operational

Who is responsible? Ultimately the Elevator Owner is responsible to ensure that their Public Vertical Conveyances meet all Regulatory and State Code Requirements. However when there is an Elevator Maintenance Contract in place, in most instances, you will find that the Elevator Maintenance Company is responsible (per the contract) for maintaining and/or repairing the equipment to current Safety Code Standards. If you need assistance reviewing and understanding your current Elevator Maintenance Contract, please do not hesitate contacting our office.

Please note, only properly trained personnel should be working in, on or around Elevator Equipment. If you are unsure of the appropriate safety measures or have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 941-795-1302 or email info@suncoastei.com