Q.  What can I do as the Property Owner to prepare for our Annual Elevator Inspection?
A.  Some of the most common Safety Code Violations can be easily identified and fixed by the Property Owner/Manager prior to the Annual Inspection.  Click here for a list of Common Elevator Safety Code Violations  Common Violations Guidelines.  Please remember that only Authorized Personnel should work on, near or around Vertical Conveyance Equipment and components.

Q.  Are all Vertical Conveyances required to have a Safety Code Inspection on an Annual basis?
A.  The Department of Business and Professional Regulations Bureau of Elevator Safety requires that all Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Wheelchair Lifts, LULA Lifts, and Escalators have an Annual Safety Code Inspection.

Q.  Is the Safety Code Inspection requirements of the Department of Business and Professional Regulations Bureau of Safety the same for all Elevators?
A.  2 Stop Elevators Safety Code Inspection requirements vary depending on whether or not there is a Service Maintenance Agreement in place with a Registered Elevator Company.
If a Service Maintenance Agreement IS in place-

  •  An Annual Pressure Test is required and can be performed by the Registered Elevator Company mechanic.  The Pressure Test must be witnessed by a 3rd Party Qualified Elevator Inspector.
  • An Inspection Report is NOT required to be sent to the Department of Business and Professional Regulations Bureau of Elevator Safety.  However, the Bureau MUST have a copy of the Service Maintenance Contract between the Elevator Owner and the Registered Elevator Company.

**Note, if at the time of the Safety Test, the Qualified Elevator Inspector identifies Safety Code Violations, the Inspector is required to complete an Inspection Report and report to the Bureau of Elevator Safety.

If a Service Maintenance Agreement IS NOT in place-

  • An Annual Safety Code Inspection is required
  • An Annual Pressure Test is required.  The Pressure Test must be performed by an Elevator Company mechanic and witnessed by a 3rd Party Qualified Elevator Inspector.
  • An Inspection Report is required by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations Bureau of Elevator Safety.

Q.  What are the advantages of hiring Suncoast Elevator Inspections and Consulting of Florida LLC as my 3rd Party Elevator Inspection Company?
A.  Our company’s goal is to provide an Easy, Efficient and Informative process for all of your Elevator Safety needs.  From contacting you 4-6 weeks prior to the expiration of your previous Annual Inspection, coordinating the Annual Inspection with your Elevator Company, to electronically filing all necessary paperwork with the Bureau of Elevator Safety……we handle it all!

Q. What is required to Renew the Certificate of Operation for my Elevator?
A. A Renewal application will be mailed to you from the Bureau of Elevator Safety, usually 90-120 days before the August 1 Common Expiration Date. Complete the application, enclose the appropriate fee and return to the Bureau. When the Bureau receives the Renewal Application, a PASSED Inspection Report must be on file with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The Inspection must of been performed within the last 12 months to the date the Bureau receives the Renewal Application and Fee. If you feel that you have met all requirements and have not received the Renewal Certificate of Operation, you may access the Bureau of Elevator Safety Certificate Delinquency list by following this link  Certificate Delinquency 

The information is listed in numerical order by the State Serial Number. Once you’ve found your Serial Number, the column on the right identifies all outstanding requirements needed for the Renewal to be processed.

Q.  I am unable to comply/correct cited violations from the Annual Elevator Inspection.  What do I do now?  

A.  When an elevator owner is unable to comply with cited violations due to hardship, a variance may be requested. The variance request must meet the requirements of Section 120.542 Florida Statutes  In order for a variance to be granted the petitioner must present the following:

  1. The specific codes the variance is requested for (not the violation codes from the Inspection Report but the actual rules those codes represent)
  2. A demonstrated hardship if they are required to meet the code
  3. how the petitioner intends to meet the intent of those specific codes (a variance cannot be granted unless the intent of the rule is met in some other way)

A petition for variance which does not meet these requirements will be denied.  There are two types of variance requests, routine and emergency.  The bureau responds to routine requests within 90 days of receipt. . An emergency petition must be responded to within 30 days, but you must include justification why a response is needed within 30 days.  Without justification, the petition may be deemed a non-emergency and treated as routine petition.

Q.  I received a letter from the Department of Business & Professional Regulation requesting VERIFICATION of SERVICE MAINTENANCE CONTRACT.  What does this mean?  

A.  Florida Law requires you to verify the existence of a valid Service Maintenance Contract on a Two – Stop Elevator or other Conveyance in order for the Elevator to qualify for the Annual Inspection Exemption under Section 399.06(1), F.S.  Annual verification is required to renew the Certificate of Operation without Proof of a Current Satisfactory Inspection.

Q.  How do I provide Verification of a Valid Service Maintenance Contract on my Two – Stop Elevator/Conveyance to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation?   

A.  You can complete the verification by submitting DBPR Form HR 5023-060, Verification of Service Maintenance Contract or a written document providing the same information.  DBPR Form HR 5023-060 is available at DBPR Form HR 5023-060 .  You can submit the form or other written documentation to the division by email to dhr.elevators@myfloridalicense.com, by fax to 850-922-6208 or by standard mail to

Division of Hotels and Restaurants

Bureau of Elevator Safety

1940 N Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL  32399-1013